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our history Alutitan was established in the early Eighties as a company belonging to a group which already had a very long experience in the aluminum industry for both production and surface treatment processes. The new company expresses with pride in its own name its industrial specialization (the production of extruded aluminum profiles), as well as its belonging to the small independent State of San Marino (with Mount Titano as the Republic's worldwide known symbol and declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008). Alutitan kept growing along the years to the present-day capacity, performed in an operational area of 15,000 square meters, of which 7,500 square meters covered. In 2001 the entire facility was completely renovated and a new 1,800 tons extrusion press was installed.
  Alutitan produces aluminum foil on the customer's specific design for multiple markets. It 'can offer qualified advice from design inception to finished product.   Alutitan is one of the largest industrial groups in the Republic of San Marino, a small independent State perched on the slopes of Mount Titano in the Italian peninsula. This mountain - a symbol of freedom for centuries and to many people - has partly inspired the name of the company. Alutitan began producing aluminum extrusions in 1992 and developed over time to reach an area of 15,000 sqm.   Alutitan has currently reached a production capacity of 11,000 tons of extruded aluminum profiles using the most advanced and sophisticated operation based on extensive use of Computer Aided Manufacturing.   Alutitan is highly specialized in the design and construction of dies for the production of the profiles on industrial design, specifications or simple sketches of the client, acting in accordance with the philosophy of "turnkey".   Alutitan collaborates synergistically and directly associated companies which, although independent service providers are continuing processes of aluminum foil in later stages   Alutitan boasts the UNI EN ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. A tracking system of all productive activity can associate with each batch processed, processing time, materials, machinery and personnel involved  
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